News from Mistral September 14th-16th At Sea, Lisbon & Tangier

Saturday September 14th At Sea


I woke up to teach an aerobics class. I was very nervous and expecting no one to be there. But boy was I wrong! There were a lot of people and I ended up having a lot of fun. I felt like Julie, (Jazzercise) minus the talking because I don’t speak Spanish. Roman watched me. It made me a bit nervous, but I didn’t mind! I thought I did a good job!  Woo!

I did my tiny bit of laundry! Someone, AGAIN, moved my washing into the dryer. Darn them for being nice.  I then slept absolutely all afternoon.

We didn’t have shows tonight so I went to the Central America party which meant the food was mmmm mmmm delicious.  We had Carnival and I went as my usual ‘cowgirl’. I can’t disappoint them now. It was in the pool and I spoke with the Captain and Staff captain!

I was very tired so I left Daniel’s leaving party early to go to bed!

Sunday September 15th Lisbon, Portugal

I woke up in a panic to go off ship and as I walked down the corridor to get coffee I saw the sign and remembered that we went back one hour last night while sailing so it was really only 930am. I didn’t mind, that meant I had an extra hour in Lisboa.

Javier and I went out the weather was hot and gorgeous! The streets looked like something out of a movie.


The villas and shops, everything was so beautiful.  We found a small café to have a cup of coffee and custard tart and shooed away the many men who asked us if we wanted to buy sunglasses, marijuana and cocaine. I kept saying, ‘not right now’ as if I would another time!  I won’t be going back for any later.

I was able do an interview with Mum for her show, because the internet was very good!

We did some walking around, up and down hills and looking at shops and restaurants. We saw a small café tucked up an alleyway. We went in to have lunch. We didn’t get online right away so it was nice to just sit and speak, or try to speak. I really cherish these moments; we both seem so childlike trying to express ourselves simply!  We sat for a long time and got online to use ‘Google translate’ to speak.   Then I had a very long, very good conversation with Ian.  I also was very happy when I signed into my bank account and saw that my salary had gone in! YAYYYYYY MONEY!!

We made our way back to the ship, it was only a 10 min walk,


again I noticed how stunning it was.

We got back on the ship to be greeted with the news that Manu is being medically disembarked the day after tomorrow. She went ashore to have an x-ray done on her foot and the doctor told her she needed to be off it for 1 month. So that means, bye-bye Manu. I was extremely sad.

I will have to move into Leechy’s cabin. I really don’t want to. Leechy’s current cabin mate is Chief children animator and is supposed to have her own cabin.  I am not allowed to go solo.

We had a pool party, it was hot, there were a lot of people and the view was breathtaking. Afterwards we went to the crew purser to get our cash advance. Ah!  More money!

I took a shower then Sergi and I spoke for half an hour about life and our futures. Then I took a bit of a nap, which was a bad idea because now, I feel terrible! All I want to do is sleep!! I have white party now though, so I have to get back to pool to have some fun!

Manu has just started packing, its very sad!


I had such a good evening!! We had white party, which was in the piscina (pool for you English speakers) and it wasn’t cold at all.  I was up on deck 12 looking down on people on deck 11.  It was very fun and romantic because the moon was very bright and there were twinkly lights and everyone was wearing white! It looked as though I was on a movie set.

Then we went to the crew bar for kind of an adios to Manu which wasn’t very much fun so we went to Javiers cabin and were all just talking and hanging out. Then we moved the gathering to our cabin and sat some more with everyone laughing and visiting.

Monday September 16th Tangier, Morocco

I woke up in order to go out with Era at 1pm, which was when we thought we were arriving in port, however we were wrong, we didn’t arrive until 4pm. So we went to the pool instead. Everyone was there, sunbathing and swimming, the weather was perfect!

When we docked Era and I went out, dressed in clothes that were long and baggy,


as we had been told to do, and thank goodness we did! There were men everywhere, gross men. They looked and whistled and tried to speak to us, it was terrifying because there were so many of them.

It was easily the poorest, dirtiest, smelliest, un-safest place I have ever and will ever go to. It smelled like rotten cottage cheese everywhere! The streets were gravelly and dirty,


I saw a dead pigeon and a young boy who looked about 8 apparently very high on drugs, smoking something.  It was quite a shock.  We passed children who said, ‘we will pay you for sex,’ or, ‘please give me those chips…’

Everything for sale was very cheap but not at all safe.  Era and I really should have taken one of the men with us but we had no idea it would be that bad.

We left the port at 9pm, and Manu and I saw our Security guards running.  We found out they were after Pirates trying to get on board. Eeesh! Scary. We went out to deck 6 to get a better look and it was so windy we couldn’t open the door. When we finally did burst outside there was a whistling sound from all the wind.

This evening there was a staff presentation and all of us expected Anoushka to say something about Manu and Sergi leaving but she didn’t say one word, she didn’t even look over at them.  She was very immature and unprofessional.

It was Manu’s last night and had all the dancers in our cabin;


Manu’s boyfriend had managed to get a few rum and cokes for us. Then we went to crew bar and EVERYONE was there to say adios.


It was really great! We took a ton of pictures and we were all very happy!!  We moved back to our cabin and I kept count of how many people we could cram in.  We made it to 22, shhh!!  It was insanely hot and crowded, but I was on my top bunk so I had plenty of space! We had cake, and when everyone vacated the cabin, we noticed there was cake everywhere! There was icing on the phone, on my crew pass, on the wall. I have no idea how it happened.

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