News From Mistral September 25th-28th, Napoli, Civitavecchia, Calgari & at Sea

Wednesday September 25th Napoli, Italy

I got up at 930 to go out with the group. We were in port with Princess cruises and Celebrity cruises. We looked pathetically tiny… again! Haha

We wandered around, had coffee, saw shops. It was very pretty!!


The traffic was terrible and the horns were so loud.  The drivers went whenever they wanted to, no obeying lights here!  They never stopped for pedestrians, so you have to say a little prayer before crossing…or cross with a nun as they do in Rome!

We ate some pizza at a tiny little restaurant up a small side street.


It was absolutely delicious!!!!  Followed by another coffee, just Javier and me. It was a ‘cold coffee’ mainly just black coffee with sugar in it already and crushed ice.

I had to do a run, we re-worked everything because of Manu leaving. It was Mitos, my least favourite show! Then straight away we were supposed to go do pool party, but we got out of it because we had our show. We barely had time to eat. Neither of the shows ended up going very well…

I didn’t eat because in my carnival outfit a full stomach spoils the lines!  It was at the pool tonight and was very full.  People had amazing costumes, one lady was dressed like a little kid and acted like one the whole party.

The staff captain came up to me and said, ‘we have a passenger who really would like to ask you to dance, he’s over here.’ I went over to a group of people. Turns out it was the captain’s wife, and the staff captain’s family. They were all very nice! The boy who wanted to ask me to dance was about 13 and very shy.  Behind my back, to the staff captain, he was saying, ‘nooo nooo stop embarrassing me!’

By the end of the carnival there were only about 10 people, I think everyone was tired.  I had Salmon and then went straight to bed.

Thursday September 26th Civitavecchia, Italy.

I woke up at noon, oops! I decided I needed to go out, as I wanted to get on internet. I went on my own! It was so relaxing. We were in port with Ibero, Grand Holiday. It looked almost exactly the same as our ship only a little bigger. I took a shuttle bus to the town. There were a lot of people around, because Royal Carribean was there, Celebrity and both Ibero ships.

I ate a subway because there was wifi there, turns out it was a really terrible connection.  The restaurant had beer and Ketchup flavored chips!

I went to another café to try and get online again, I had an espresso and the wifi was even worse!  I made my way around some shops then saw a little Italian restaurant/gelato/coffee shop. They had wifi and it turned out to be very good! The password was ‘cocacola.’ Hehe.  I ate coconut gelato, it was absolutely delicious! I was able to Skype my agent, Mum and then another agent. It was nice to speak to English people again.  The agents gave me reasons to stay on board with Costa, but I am pretty firm in my decision to end my contract in November when the sailing itinerary changes to the Middle East instead of South America.

I walked around a bit more and saw a huge statue of the marine coming home and kissing his girlfriend! I took a picture!

Cititavecchia 26th

Then headed back to the ship.  I was able to take a nap for an hour and a half. Then I had to get up to go to do the pool party, it was nice and sunny, but not too hot!

Lidi and I went to eat, then she taught me ‘Natural Women’ because now that Manu is gone, I have to do it!  Another number!

Now I am watching Friends before taking a quick nap before my magic rehearsal with Capello at midnight for his show!

Friday September 27th Caligari, Italy

Last night, Javier took me deck 6 to show me the moon. It was so sweet. We stood for 20 mins just staring at it with all the stars around it.

I woke up at 10am so I could go out, we are only in port from 9-230. So it meant I didn’t have much time.

I went straight out, no coffee or anything! We took a shuttle bus, the ride was only 3 mins, but I guess they didn’t want us walking through the warehouse looking parking lot. I saw a McDonalds, but they didn’t have wifi and it looked very, very sketchy. So I kept walking and ended up finding a street of shops! It was very nice looking, but everything was so tiny.

I couldn’t find wifi anywhere! Finally, I went into a café just to get a coke, and they had open, free wifi.  I sent my email to my agent confirming I will finish my contract in November along with everyone else.

The café was so nice and cute. There was a room in the back that had books and a very tall spiral staircase. I spoke with Mum and Dad then I wandered around some more. I really wanted to buy some Italian shoes, but I couldn’t find any that were worth the price.

I ended up eating at McDonalds quickly before I went back to the ship. Once back on the ship, I went to have a coffee with Javier. I then took a shower and painted my toenails! It has been over a month since I had toenail polish on!

‘Tango India’ announcement has just been made. This means that someone has injured him or herself. Turns out it was 2 ladies who were having a heart attack. I guess they planned to have one at the same time…

I am now in the process of deciding what is best for me to do when I leave the ship. Dallas is calling my name! I want to return home so badly! However London is also home for me.

We went to do the pool party, which has now become a daily duty, we never used to have very many, but now every time we leave the port, we have one. It’s fine for me because I enjoy being around the passengers, I feel special! But the other dancers don’t like it. It was extremely hot today too.

We had rehearsal shortly after the pool party. Between the party and rehearsal, I started laundry and had the hardest time getting my machine to work.  I had waited for 20 mins for a washer to become free, and finally when one did, it had one t-shirt in it! I was so irritated. I put it in the broken dryer I tried to use the other day! That’ll show ‘em!

Then the washer door wouldn’t lock…I tried for 10 mins before it finally worked.  I have to say there are only 8 washing machines for all 600+ crew, that’s why it is so difficult to get a machine!

We had rehearsal and did ‘Radio Show’ they both went very well, and the audience was full both times!

I hung out with Norbi, Era and Bori then we went to the pool for ‘White Party’. It was amazing this week! I had so many pictures taken, I felt like I was famous!! So many people came up to me and asked for a photo! Then when we were dancing, people were sneaking pictures, I’m sure I look very attractive in some of the positions.

I stayed down on the ground level, while the other dancers went up to the top deck that overlooked us. Everyone around me was dancing and having so much fun!

We went to the crew party, it was a big, dull, dud. No one was there but I ate a hotdog and french-fries. Then I went to the crew bar because Aday and Natalia, the acrobats, were having their little goodbye party. After that I went to sleepybye!

Saturday September 28th Sea day


I woke up at 3pm. Oooops! I was so exhausted and didn’t want to wake up. I went to staff mess because it was coffee time. I saw Javier and the entire entertainment group there.


One of the cooks opened the door and called me over. I went and he handed me a plate of food. It was chicken wings, French fries, coleslaw, celery and blue cheese dressing. I was in hog heaven. It reminded me of Chilis.  Ahhhh so good! Everyone was so jealous. I didn’t eat it all so I let them pick off of the leftovers…

I heard from Javier that Jeremy, and animator, is disembarking tomorrow because he had an alcohol test done yesterday and was way over the limit. It’s funny because I have never seen him drink! He is never in crew bar. I think he wanted to go home though because he has stopped talking to people now and just walks around all mopey.

Bori copied some of the shows onto my thumb drive; they filmed last week’s show with me in it so now I at least have one video of me! She is going to do the same with the other shows, so I will hopefully get them all by the time we leave to show everyone back home what I have been doing week after week!

Later it was presentation. I did one show then went to Formentera for a little bit and tried to speak with some passengers.

During the 2nd presentation, Filepe gave me his GoPro to take on stage. It was so funny to have everyone make a scene for the camera.

We did the goodbye line again and there was another baby, so we got quiet and then screamed again!

Afterwards, I went to Formentera again to listen to Javier sing. I took some pictures with passengers.



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