News From Mistral September 29th-30th Malaga & at Sea

Sunday September 29th Malaga, Spain

I woke up at 10 to go do embarkation. I had a cup of coffee first, then turns out I was half an hour early. I was able to get some Internet. Then I stood for 3 hours saying hello and welcome to the new passengers. I thought I had missed lunch, but when I got to crew mess, there was still some food and I sat alone to eat. Guess who came and sat across from me!!??!?? The Captain!!!!! We had lunch together, fancy wine glasses with coca-cola and lemon, Parmesan cheese and all. Everyone was talking about me. I was the star of the day.  Ooooh….Malia is with the captain! Look at her go!

We had our Pax drill; of course, my muster station didn’t pay attention or do anything in order. But that’s okay. Afterwards we had our normal pool party. It was very good, but very windy!!

Now I am just watching Friends, awaiting for rehearsal for Welcome Show.  Everyone was in a very cooperative mood today, which was a pleasant surprise! Afterwards we all went our separate ways for an hour and half break.

I made myself some French press, played candy crush and spent a long time doing my makeup!  By 740pm I was ready. So I had an hour to wait around. I introduced myself to the new acrobats. They are very nice!

After our shows we took a lot of pictures with the passengers.

On my way back to my cabin there were people gathered in the hallway around Jeremy’s old cabin, he’d disembarked remember?  I wondered why until I saw the cabin.  It was a disaster. He had left so many things behind as if he got really angry and threw everything! Which is probably true. The drawers were all out of the cupboard, clothes everywhere!

The new acrobat girl, Elena, was supposed to move in there. Imagine, her first contract, never been on a ship before, and that’s the first thing she see’s? So the house keeping came and they cleaned everything out. But before they got rid of anything, Capello and I went ‘shopping’ and took some of his things.

We heard the stars were very visible tonight, so we, Era, Bori & Norbi, went to deck 7 forward to look. As soon as we got there we saw a shooting star!! It was amazing! Then I watched FRIENDS with them! It was so funny because they can’t really fully understand it because they speak so fast in the show. But I was laughing, so they laughed too.

Monday September 30th Sea Day

I woke up at noon and went to eat. For some reason, we had such good food! There were hamburgers and ice cream!! I was in hog heaven. Then I went with Capello, Ivan and Felipe to have a coffee. I rehearsed with Masha and Bori just for one more number before checking on the pool to see if it was hot enough to lay out. It was, but I realized that if I lay in the sun until rehearsal, I would be so tired later. So I decided to lie in bed and relax.

There was another Tango India announcement today. Some girl apparently, was unconscious in the pool. When she came to, there were 14 crew around her, the Captain, Staff captain, doctor, 2 nurses, 4 housekeeping, 2 securities and some other people.  That would be overwhelming.

I learnt a new number from Masha, the Ukranian girl. She is so funny! Her English is barely existent, but she is so amusing. If she messes up she says, ‘Mama Mia!’

We rehearsed Hip Hot Cabaret. Just a few numbers. Peter and Felipe have decided not to do a full run anymore because the dancers, not me, don’t even do anything, the singers don’t sing and no one respects the run.

I helped Alex, a singer, try to understand a Christina Aguilera song, but even I couldn’t make out the words!!

After dinner, showtime!  I did my makeup very quickly, all of my costumes were set up before so I had a lot of time to relax, which almost isn’t good because it makes me want to sleep.

Both of the shows were amazing. I felt like I finally know what I am doing and I can actually enjoy being on stage again. The new acrobats were watching the shows too, so I suppose that helped. It is always nice to know someone in the audience that isn’t the boss. They were stunned by the show. YAY!

I ate some pork and mashed potatoes for 2nd dinner. Ivan left some of his lettuce, Alex left a tomato and I put a tiny piece of pork on a plate and we put the cover back over it. It looked like the smallest portion of food ever.


It was so funny!

Then in crew bar there was Corona!!!! Everyone was in hog heaven. They charged 4X the price though because its ‘imported’. But it was delicious compared to the nasty San Miguel.


I watched the show in Felipe’s room because he had filmed it on his GoPro. It wasn’t very good quality, but it was nice to see it from the front!

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