News from Mistral September 3rd-4th Belgium & France

Tuesday September 3rd Zeeburugge, Belgium


Manu and I missed lunch today but we managed to find someone to get us some food!  Then we were off to sunbathe on deck 7 forward.  It was gorgeous outside but the view was concrete and container crates.  It felt lovely to be in the open air and soak up the sun!

There was another pool party and this time lots of people joined in and we all got very hot and sweaty in the sun.

Manu and I went upstairs to the duty free shop to buy Bori a birthday present!

Later I went to the security office to get the form to allow Mum and Dad on my ship for a day!! EEEEEK I am so pumped to show them around!!  Manu thought I had done something bad and been sent to the Security office to be punished! She is so silly…

I made some iced coffee and when Manu had a taste it was very clear from the face she made that she didn’t enjoy it!

It was Gala night and my duty was to stand and tell people where to go to get their photograph taken. The captain saw me in a new dress and asked me, since I was in a new dress, if he could get a new picture taken with me especially as he hadn’t got a picture taken with me at the crew party last week?  I stood and posed with him!  Everyone else looked pretty jealous of me and it was funny because I hadn’t even gone over to say “hello” to him!  He was the one who came all the way over to me to ask for a picture! He is such a nice guy! His face is still as soft as a baby’s bottom!

Dinner for me tonight was a roll and rice with ratatouille on it and for dessert, a candied pear!

We went to deck 6 to look at the view. I was breathless. It looked like I had stepped into a cartoon sunset, purple, pink and orange, seamless and absolutely flawless, what more can I say? The sea was so calm and quiet after the storm.

I have my music playing, John Mayer’s new album.  Manu is in her bunk below, so I have it on very low. She is doing her nails. Miley Cyrus’s new song came on and she leaned out and said, “Ah voloom…”  I said, “WHAT?” She said, “this song!”  So I turned it up once, she pointed up and up and smiled!  Now we are blasting everybody out!

Alex asked, “do you and Manu plan what you wear together?” “No…why?” I asked back.  “You are both wearing a shirt, shorts and shoes!”  I said, “Ohh!! That makes us twins! I see!”  Manu and I didn’t even look like we had the same kind of clothes on!

There was a party in the crew bar for Bori’s birthday! She turned 26. We decorated with balloons and drew on them!


See my bruise from where I fell off my top bunk?

Then we all drank wine and had a cake and chips!


And I lost my crew card…

Luckily Leechy had it!

Wednesday September 4th Le Havre, France

I didn’t go off today because I had color, instead I laid outside in the most gorgeous weather!  I went in the ‘pool’ which is just about big enough for 3 people.


There were no shows so after the White Party we hung out in Daniel’s (2nd engineer) cabin where he had some Baileys.  We watched some YouTube videos and laughed a lot!  I met a new officer who is also Romanian. They are crazy, they have work at 4am so stay up and party then go to work when we are all going to bed.

On the way downstairs, Manu fell, I thought she had just tripped so I was laughing really hard. Then she was laughing but it soon turned into tears. I felt so bad. We had to get ice and I gave her some Tylenol and it turns out she can’t walk on it.

Some of the English words Manu knows are most random!  She was talking about her boyfriend and used the word ‘affirmation.’  I was like, WHERE DID YOU LEARN THAT WORD!  It is insane, she may not know the word for bread for example, but she knows the words affirmation and circulation. Manu was trying to tell me that Curry, her boyfriend, had some jam in his cabin. She kept saying, ‘ham, ham…’ until I said, ‘I have no idea what you are talking about,’ then she said, ‘jam.’ I said, ‘OHHH so you do know the correct word, you just use your ‘foreignness’ as an excuse!!’  Then Mum reminded me that in Spanish ‘J’ is pronounced ‘H’ so she probably had to think hard about how to say ‘Jam.’

Our cabin bathroom is always wet, everywhere! The sink has stopped draining, I have no idea why, so it’s really gross in there right now.

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