November Already…

It seemed as though one minute it was bright and sunny and we were hanging tulle in the barn for Daughts’ and her Hubs’ reception,


and the next I was draping my plants with sheets to protect them from the night-time freezing temperatures.

My brother was here with his sons and remarked,

“I didn’t know Dallas got this cold…”

He’d always been a fair weather visitor, and October is a touch and go month where all the seasons take a turn at strutting their stuff during the 31 days.

The clocks go back this weekend which means the mornings are lighter, at least for a month, and the evenings are darker until they spring forward again somewhere in March.

Where did the year go?

Only yesterday we were slogging through a long January, worn out from the festivities of Thanksgiving and Christmas…

What happened to February and how did we miss March and April and the heat of summer blasting us through to November – Fall somehow skipped in the rush?

“Time to retreat behind our doors…” said Hubs.

To rethink our evenings and gather round the hearth now that we can no longer stretch our tasks and chores deep into the evening.

We try to ignore the approaching festivities.  With no young children to prompt us about well loved traditions we are free to bury them beneath other, more soothing activities.

Listening to music, reading favorite books, practicing yoga, watching the cats frolic, writing, cooking…

…and musing.

“Where did the year go?” we wonder out loud.

I pull out my diary and flip the pages that offer us hints as to what caused the months to race by in a blur,

“We’re getting old…”

We look outside and see the cleared pathways through the pretty woodlands that proffer tranquil moments in crazy days,


“We were very busy,” we agree.

My brother on entering our house for his first time observed,

“You’re a home-maker…”


We are home-makers…” I agree including Hubs in the praise.

“It looks as though you live in a park,” he says incredulously as he surveys the fairway to our creek.


We have created some beautiful spots inside,


and out,


to sit and dream,

to gently observe time passing.


The year did not dash away from us and disappear un-marked.

It cradled us as we tenderly feathered our new nest with love,

a place to share with our children,

a peaceful haven for all who visit,

somewhere that reminds us of God’s awesome creation and our good fortune time and again.


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