Riot of Colour…

There is a place in the ancient woods where I take my walk that is a dumping ground for trees and branches.  Last year it was covered with deceased timber and an eye sore in a natural kind of way!

This year, as I was blown along the lane running adjacent to the place where wood is discarded, I was surprised.

It was now doing time as a clearing in the woods where crows gathered and stepped cautiously over puddles, blending in almost completely with the scorched ground that had evidently been host to a massive bonfire during my absence.

I was attracted by some colour which I investigated with caution, the water and black earth were rather daunting, the crows gave me a wide berth by hopping off squawking loudly at my intrusion.FlowerGraveWhat looked to be a haphazard bed of daisies were thriving in the barren-ness!  I snapped a picture and resumed my meditation leaving the wasteland to the birds.

Further along I wandered to the stables where there are beautiful ornamental gardens best represented by this fall of border plants at its entrance.


I continued my walk and saw gardeners at work like backstage crew, they had removed the Spring flowers, tulips and daisies and were digging over the ground for Summer’s array.  The beds were caught between seasons.

DugOverI returned to the woodlands, to the desolate spot where flowers were thriving and realized they were nothing more than the first of the groundsmen’s cast offs, the flowers from the ornamental gardens, dug up and overturned to make room for the next display…

…thrown to the crows, a riot of colour in the darkness.

I like the analogy this brings to mind,

Can I be a riot of colour for Christ in the darkness of His world?


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