On Praising God…

Our brand new Deacon, fresh out of seminary, brings insight to those of us who have been around a long time and claim to have,

“Heard it all!”

I, for one, can never hear too much about the Lord.

For me there are always new ideas, interesting viewpoints and varying perspectives, depending on the author of the book I’m reading or the someone I’m talking to.

This week during the sermon, our brand new Deacon told us that

praising God was our highest vocation.  

I furrowed my brow…

Paul writes that I am called to:

“Always rejoice, constantly pray, in everything give thanks,” (1 Thessalonians 16-18)

All are forms of praising but how do I get to always, constantly, in everything?

I’m no angel with nothing else to do save sing,

“Holy, holy, holy…’

all day.

I have my chores, my meals to prepare, my calls to answer, my students to teach, books to read, Netflix to catch up on, relationships to nurture…

you get my drift.

My Mum said she prayed while vacuuming.  She vacuumed for a bit every day, not constantly…I hardly ever vacuum, not my job…just saying!

I tried to think of one thing I do regularly that I could stir in with a little natter-with-God,

I brush the cats daily, for about 5 minutes, hardly always.

I write for a couple of hours on a good day…but then I need my whole attention for that…chit-chatting with the Almighty (dare I say it?) distracts me; if I let my mind drift into prayer I find I’m typing all over the page, words and phrases flitting where they’re not supposed to be.

It’s better to stay focused on the one task, writing, praising can come later!

I do attempt to invite God to everything I do if I think about it, but since He’s omnipresent He doesn’t need inviting along to my mortal, hum-drummy day.

In fact He’s probably already there if I care to acknowledge his presence.

Our brand new Deacon went on to explain what praising, our highest vocation, looks like in the world.

“Birds sing,” he said, “by so doing they are praising God, for that is what they were created to do, sing.”

Very interesting, I thought, settling comfortably in my pew.

“The heavens,” he continued, “praise the Lord by dint of their beauty since the stars were created to shine in the night sky and the sun to shed light and spread warmth during the day.”

Interesting, I thought, barely nodding.

I would try to wrap my head around what that says about me...later!

That afternoon, while walking I pondered these two words, highest vocation, and came across my favorite spider,


in her meticulous web with the tell-tale zig-zag down the centre.

I stopped and admired her as she hung in the middle of no-where at the front gate,

I followed her with my eyes as she carried her egg-sac to safety within the workings of our metal entryway and suspended it in preparation for the hatchlings’ arrival.


And I thought,

she’s praising God because she’s doing her spidery work, webbing, laying, securing, preying, just as God intended her to do.

So, as I walked up the hill I thought, I’m using my body the way it was created to be used,

I’m keeping it healthy,

honing my breathing skills…

developing my mind with questions.

I’m giving thanks,

rejoicing and praying by using my created self as God intended,

Like the birds singing, the skies proclaiming and the orb spider spinning, I’m praising God,


Simply by being me.

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