On the Edge of the Mist…

On my Yoga mat I am encouraged to breathe in concert with my moves.

Being an asthma sufferer I am not very good at this, I find I panic when I have to match each asana with either an exhale or an inhale.  I can do it for a minute or two but soon find myself gasping for air so have no choice but to revert to the breathing I am most comfortable with, long and slow, not always steady.

When resting though, at the end of class, I enjoy a rhythmic breathing that consists of pauses between inhaling and exhaling.

If I can keep it going for longer than just a couple of rounds my mind empties and I reach a different level of consciousness that gives rise to a feeling distantly related to my innate sense of knowing when something is right…or wrong.

I can also achieve this emptiness when I am walking.

My mind has to have exhausted its thoughts before I can sink into a moving meditative state.

Sometimes I feel as if a silk thread is tugging at my core coaxing me towards something elusive.

An idea I can’t catch hold of.

A vision I brush just as it melts like a tiny cobweb at dawn.


I am left euphoric with a hope and desire for more of those precious moments of mental stillness.

God brought me to Footlights where I can listen for His voice in the silence and be ready at the edge of the mist to be drawn to wherever He takes me.




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