Osteo Bi-Flex® Ease…

I look after my body.

Sometimes it isn’t always plain sailing since I suffer from chronic lower back pain. I have taken various supplements over the years and have not found any lasting relief. I still walk and take yoga, which I find eases my stiffness but if I sit for long periods of time my joints still experience extreme creakiness!

I decided to apply to take Osteo Bi-Flex® Ease for a week and report my findings.

I had to tell the campaign organizers why I thought I would be a Great Blogger for their product.

As readers you know my blog reaches out to women my age, fellow Boomers, who are going through similar life shifting changes like,

Empty nest,

Pending retirement,

Self re-invention,

Graceful aging,

Dependent parents,

Dependent children who leave home, come back, leave again,

And much, much more.

My blog goal is to encourage you to go with the flow of the years, instead of lamenting the passage of time and trying to keep up with the rich and famous…which, let’s face it, will only make me dissatisfied with who I am instead of celebrating the Real Me!

Whatever stage of life we find ourselves in we experience effects on our bodies, wrinkles, joint pain, acne, dry skin, motherhood, shortness of breath, hair loss…

You name it I’ve been through it and so have you!

On reading my blog you will know that I embrace advancement as part of the amazing person I am growing into. By living counter culturally I have let my natural white hair shout out for me unabashedly,


I have insisted on dressing the way that best expresses my athletic figure.


I have nurtured my body and soul by walking 4 miles a day,


taking yoga 5 times a week (conveniently streamed into my home office), cooking what my son grows in his organic garden and eating mindfully.

I write several hours a week, practice prayer and meditation to keep my thoughts under control & my eyes on God, and I flourish under my husband of 31 years’ unflagging attention!


I don’t compare myself to anyone…I rejoice that I am a unique, gifted person who can show my peers (and my children) that advancing age is nothing to be afraid of.

I want to stand tall and straight,


even when moving furniture (my go-to stress reliever) and make a lasting impression on my readers that maturity and wisdom should be welcomed with open arms.

The only way to do that is to change our own perception of what it means to be alive in this present moment.


To aid and abet me in my quest I would love to find a product that has my aching joints singing for joy instead of groaning when I suggest two stepping at a Country and Western Club for my birthday treat!

Is Osteo Bi-Flex® Ease that product?

I hope to be able to try it and find out!

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