Our Home is in a Storage Unit…

When asked about my living arrangements I have to laugh out loud!

When we moved back to Dallas from East Texas we had some more things to put in storage because we didn’t need lamps and tables at the hotel which was to be our home for a month.

Daughts and her boyfriend were on hand to help us and when we opened the unit I said,

“Ta-Da, this is our home!”


They helped us make room in the event I whittled down even more of the belongings we were carrying around on our backs and needed a bit of extra space.

Looking at our ‘stuff’ piled high in the unit I fleetingly allowed a thought to surface for air,

“I need my own house…desperately!”

Every time I add something to the pile of boxes I bid it a fond farewell…

“That’s the last time I’ll see you…Bye!”

Because I forget where things are and my mind gets muddled about what I’d stored in there when we moved from our house a year ago, what I put in there after coming back from England before moving to Lindale and what I packed up from Lindale half way through our stay!

What inevitably happens is I go out and buy new things and more stuff ends up in storage in another bag to join the muddle…  So much for simplifying.

I’m not that wild about being homeless.

Hubs, on the other hand, contrary to all expectations, kinda likes it.

Our hotel is comfortable and I have a few of my things set out which my children comment on,

“You’ve made yourself quite a little cozy spot here,” indicating the built in bookcase where I have my cross, some books, my lap desk, bottles of perfume and other paraphernalia.


“Somewhere to call my own!”  I say.

We have complimentary breakfast, also known as commentary breakfast a phrase coined by Perripoppins when she was young.

I usually don’t go across the road to the dining room preferring to spend time on my yoga mat.  But I do send hubs over with a list,

“We need milk today,” or “bring me an apple,” or “a bagel with cream cheese would be good,” and “thank you kindly!”

Sometimes I’ll also get a danish or a packet of muffins depending on what’s left over.

The hotel accommodates lots of young, foreign, computer business-men types who make it to breakfast early snagging the yogurt and fruit,  plain oatmeal and fruit breads.  There are always plenty of eggs, hash browns and bacon/sausage/ham left but I (and others it seems) can only eat that kind of food once a week.

We have a kitchenette where we make coffee and prepare dinners with the few utensils on hand and are really quite self sufficient.  The beds are the best, firm, spacious with crisp white sheets and a mound of pillows.

Housekeeping has spoiled me…

We are heading for Florida today to look after a house on stilts and two dogs and heavy rains we’ve heard!  That’s why the house is elevated!

Maybe the peace and quiet there by the canal will help us decide where we want to move so I can unpack my home from the storage unit…maybe….




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