Out of the Silence…


Out of the silence of my retreat I gained an insight.

All my life I had wanted to make my parents proud of me, notice me and appreciate the person I am.

My strivings were unconscious.  It wasn’t until they died that I became fully aware that the core of my being desired to please them.

And now I am free of that implied obligation.

As I dwelt in my relationship with God at Lake Dallas last weekend,


a truth became apparent.

I do not have to make my Heavenly Father proud of me.

I am His daughter just as I am, He meets me and says,

“Ah there you are,” and stands to greet me as I enter His presence.

All I need to do is live my life in response to His unfathomable love for me.


Nothing more.

Grantley Morris says it beautifully.


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