Outside Influences on an Inside Movement…

I had never heard of homeschooling while I was growing up and if I had I would have ignored the concept or cringed at the very idea of staying at home all day.  Now I think of it, I really was staying at home all day at my boarding school, but the dormitories and classrooms were pretty well segregated.

When I returned to England this year to visit my Mum (I mean, just how many one sided phone conversations can one have?), I decided to investigate this homeschooling trend amongst my British cohorts while I was on their turf.

I found it to be alive and kicking and by the way, they call it “Home Education.”  The mothers I talked to said that because we Brits are law abiding citizens and support our government for the most part (??!!), anyone challenging the establishment was frowned upon.  Home Education is allowed by default because education is compulsory, school is not.

Today I will be airing the show I broadcast in England earlier this year so tune in and listen to my conversation with three British Home Educators and hear how some of their concerns are the same as ours in America and some of them are not.  I think you’ll be surprised.

Vivienne McNeny

The Sociable Homeschooler

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