Paper Clips…

As a writer I like to keep things neat.

Paperclips help me do this.

I have plastic coated colored ones, ordinary metal ones, some that are in the shape of music notes and large oversized ones for those sheaths of paper that won’t stay together with a stapler.

I don’t use them so often now since filing and gathering all my work can easily be done on my laptop…

Plus the print function on my MacBook Pro seems to have gone awol so I don’t have pieces of paper floating around to be chased by the barncats or rummaged into a bed by Callie the Coe.

But I still replenish my paperclip container just in case I need to keep notices from our internet service or medical bills together; covered with handwritten notes to remind me of what transpired when I last communicated with the difficult to use bank in England or social security or the Market Place, they are easy to access in a hurry.

At school when I sub., paperclips are a must to keep the quizzes or tests, teaching instructions and math exercises under control.

Some of the classrooms I go into have work strewn all over the sides and tables, tops of file cabinets, podium and desk.  Their regular teachers may know which child belongs in which period without the help of a roster but I don’t.

One 10th grader is very like another especially if I’m subbing for a couple of teachers in a day and see, what appears to me, the same face over and over again.

Consequently Post-it Notes and paperclips are the tools of my trade.

Finding either of these in the classroom are a challenge, especially since MCA has gone through a massive move into a new building and we all know how things ‘get lost’ along the way.

Especially small items that tend to walk.

Most of the teachers are efficient, neat and tidy individuals, all set to go.

I find supplies in their desks and at their podium.


Some are not, which seems to reflect onto their students and their classes fall apart in the blink of an eye.

I groan in these classrooms because paperclips are almost always in scarce supply, Post-it Notes are few and far between and papers, as well as ideas, are scattered haphazardly about the room.

I search high and low believing a classroom (or any place that generates copious amounts of paper that needs to be organized) must have clips to hold it all together.

I rummage shamelessly through his or her professional life, searching…

This morning I was in an English class where tests and chapter summaries were being worked on.  I couldn’t even find a thumb tack to keep the work marginally separated and ordered.

‘Note to Self,’ I typed into my phone, ‘bring scrap paper and clips in future.’

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2017-11-13 19:18:51 Reply

Note to self! Read more of these! They make me feel good!

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