Play Date for Tites…

Titan, our barn-mate’s dog,

the trusty miniature schnauzer,

came over to play ball with Callie today.



Callie wasn’t impressed.

So it was left to me to play with him while I was weeding my herb garden,


sometimes I didn’t respond as quickly as he would like so he went off under a tree to have a chew and a roll.

But he always came back and tossed it in my general direction and I’d throw it again a couple of times, as far down the back forty as I could…but he’s quick!

After lunch I sat at my computer to write.

Between Callie,

who decided my keyboard was the place to be if she wanted to be noticed by me at all today,


and Titan,

who kept flipping his rubber ball out of his mouth with a toss of his head causing it to bounce on  the concrete floor then chasing it down,

I didn’t get a lick of work done.

Finally I went back outside and threw the blue, rubber ball,

the one with holes in it that make it whistle as it careens through the air,

as far away as I could.

When he brought it back I made him leave it by the door and come inside.

He took up sentry behind me to stare a hole in my back,


When that failed to get me up and out for another quick romp he stood by the porch door where he could keep one of his doleful eyes on his ball and fix me with the other…


I still refused to be cajoled into a game of fetch so he lay down and tried his utmost to hypnotize it into motion…


Willing it to come inside…

Whimpering at the squirrels if they came too close…

By now Callie was on the couch, with her back towards him,



She wasn’t impressed!

When it was time for my walk I took Titan out through the garage door not wanting him to tote his little blue ball all the way…for we parents know what happens on walks when toys are taken along…

As I stopped to put on my hat he dashed off around the house!

Hubs caught him collecting his beloved toy and heading back to me!


I turned to find him sitting at my feet smiling…so pleased with himself!


If he had a tail it would be wagging!

I made him drop it off in a box in the barn.

Which he did!

Titan is too clever by far!

With a dog like that who needs grandchildren?

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