PM18 in Philadelphia…

Ian and I went on a trip to Philadelphia to attend The Podcast Movement 2018 Conference and live for four days in the city where Benjamin Franklin made history, over and over again,


It was the first time we’d been away together since he was 18 when we visited The College of Santa Fe during our hunt for universities.

In a nutshell we had a wonderful time, splitting up at the conference to go to different sessions and workshops, he to technical ones about editing and marketing, me to the more creative ones on writing, speaking and content.

We’d get together for the mid-day break, do a little sight seeing:

The Liberty Bell,


of course.

And Benjamin Franklin’s grave,


in a very ordinary graveyard behind patina’d iron gates.


And city hall in the rain just opposite our subway stop for the conference at The Marriot hotel downtown.


We’d grab a bento box or a Philly cheese-steak sandwich for lunch,


or just eat a picnic brought from home when the days were too busy to pop out.

After the break we’d go to some more sessions (sometimes together), brainstorm with a meet-up group or just head for the subway,


which…compared to the public transportation in London was one of the dreariest stations I’ve ever been in during peak traffic times,


not a busker or a passenger in sight only miles of white and green tile and stainless steel.  I was glad I had my film-maker son with me,


it was a little nerve wracking!

We’d jump on a train and go home to freshen up for an evening of networking at some fun venue hosted by one of the conference’s sponsors, Triton Digital, Castbox or Jack Daniel’s.

At the party we’d split up again, this time to schmooze, work the room, exchange ideas and podcast show names.  I met people from all over the world including Australia, China, Spain and England.

Party over we’d go home and curl up in the spacious living room of The Urban Aerie with a glass of wine,


and settle in for a couple of hours of discussion about money, life, politics and religion, all the taboo topics,

but it was just the two of us…

Mother and Son.

We know and trust each other enough to slough off any chain rattling comments with a smile.

We’ve come to respect each other’s opinions and listen closely to what the other is saying and sometimes have our perspectives changed.

We recognize each other’s unique-ness and because we have history there’s a lot of common ground, case in point, this Podcasting Craze.

On the final afternoon we sat together for the closing keynote speaker, a favorite of ours from years ago when we were driving to gymnastics or ballet in the afternoons,

Terry Gross,


and so the conference came to an end with a breath of Fresh Air,

and it really was!


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2018-08-27 15:06:28 Reply

I am glad you did that together. It is important to connect like that!

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