A Flock of Heron…

I never did ask why the local authority was draining our pond.

Perhaps it needed dredging.

I was worried about the wildlife.  The fish, the turtles, a few ducks, a pair of white heron.  How were they to survive without the water?

Yesterday as I headed for my walk around the draining pond I was surprised by the sight of dozens of white heron standing, long leggedly, in the mud.

A quick count gave me 80 birds, noisy with their deep throated vocals.  They stood in groups of thirty on the look out for fish, alert and already territorial, running each other off by arching their long necks, flapping their great wings and uttering low, gutteral growls.

As mis-chance would have it I had left my iPod behind and decided to hurry back to the house for it.

Ten minutes later I returned impatient for the shot.  As I took up position the unthinkable happened.   Most of the flock rose as if on cue and flew, squawking loudly, deep into the surrounding trees.

Two dozen were left behind on the pond.


The rest were perching in the trees.


For the next few days I carried my iPod with me in the hopes that they would reconvene, but they never did!  Whatever attraction the mud had held was no longer there.  Pond


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