Psalm 131…

When I walk in the mornings I let my thoughts loose; I examine them in the fresh light of a Rigsby Lane dawn.

This week it’s the afterlife that’s been niggling at me…

…I won’t be here so why am I worried about what will happen when I’m gone?

It’s not as if I’m just leaving the country…

I’ll be leaving the life I’ve grown into…for good…

And going…


I’ll no longer be the me I’m used to being…if I am anything at all…

…I’ll be dust.

Slightly overwhelmed I cling to Jesus’ promise,

“Today you will be with me in Paradise…” (Luke 23:43)


Google maps is no help.

My youngest son’s favorite psalm brings me to my senses,

“O Lord, I am not proud;

I have no haughty looks.

I do not occupy myself with great matters,

or with things that are too hard for me.” (Psalm131:1-2)

Yet I do!

Today I relax and let the early morning quietly scatter itself across the dawn sky,

bruising the canopy purple,

leaving a stain of pink and red on Footlights’ roof-line.


I walk backwards to catch the east heralding the arrival of the sun in a surge of spilled orange across the horizon,

I pause and wait for it to silently strike the landscape,

the light distorted into two beams that stake their claim across the miles.


‘Wake up!’

There is no crowd to watch this outburst but it is non-the-less wondrous.

I continue my walk turning my back on the sun only to find it gently reflected on the face of a neighbor’s barn,



Hovering in the morning sky it picks up speed and its rays precede me along the lane faintly tinting the clouds lilac and releasing the storage sheds from their twilight gloom.


It peeks through the trees and softly strokes a rosy glow across the weathered boards of an old farmhouse…


“…I still my soul and make it quiet,

like a child upon its mother’s breast;

my soul is quieted within me.” (Psalm 131:3)

All thoughts of the future vanish.

I am here, lingering in His presence at the start of a beautiful day.

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