Rain, Rain and More Rain…

Rain has been falling steadily for weeks.

Starting in August it came as a wake up call to the grasses who had hunkered down to hibernate in a yellow wash of dormancy.

Suddenly the lawn mowers and tractors were pressed into service again as the grass turned green overnight and tricked us into thoughts of Spring.

As with the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter I grew tired of grumbling about the weather.  Being an Englishwoman born and bred no self respecting conversation would be complete without some reference to the antics of the elements.

Texans do not hold the monopoly on weather commentaries, trust me!

I decided to appreciate the air and atmospheric conditions as they came and went.

It was not me controlling the cloud cover or the wind force, the stunning blue skies, blistering heat or drenching downpours.

I made up my mind to make the most of the glory of the Lord and celebrate the diversity of the Texas climate…

…always larger than life.


My patience has been tried this year.

The rain just kept coming and I was finding it almost impossible to,

“Find a silver lining,” as my mother would say about every cloud.

Texas is quick to reach drought conditions because of her brutally dry summers but at the moment a quick visit to Footlights will find ponds in our pastures, water filled ruts along our driveway and a swiftly running creek around our property line.

Pizza night, our cornerstone of neighborhood camaraderie, has been cancelled three times in a row, an unheard of calamity.

However, almost lost for words as I am I can come up with a few lovely things to say about the continued deluge but I am rapidly coming to the end of my tether…

My Vitex has bloomed for the second time this year,


the butterflies are rejoicing… when their delicate selves can flutter about and enjoy the nectar.

The seeds that didn’t come up at the end of spring because of the extreme shift from mild to hot, have started emerging and blooming; my sad looking beds are now filled with random splashes of color.

The sound of running water from an overflowing spring falling into the creek soothes me as I tramp around the fields in my wellies.


I am compelled to find things to do inside on the days I don’t teach and make the pleasant choices between,

curling up with a book and a cat,

making rich soups or,

catching the familiar smell of turned over mud and manure from my patio.

I try to ignore the housework, cleaning the bathrooms can wait another day!

When I do get out for a walk the sight of crawfish chimneys in the ditches running alongside our lane makes me smile.


The dust, usually stirred up by passing cars, has been dampened and I can breathe without coughing

and the ever deepening potholes makes it just that more difficult to speed.

The forecast is more of the same so Hubs and I may as well just kick back with a glass of wine


and anticipate the sunshine promised for one of the tomorrows.  


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2018-11-05 22:36:13 Reply

You are so wonderfully positive!

Kim Huitt

2018-11-19 18:09:31 Reply

Here in Anchorage, AK we are having a lot of cloudy weather and of all things RAIN! In November! Crazy. I think I forgot what the sun looks like. But I am looking forward to hitting the ski slopes this winter because rain in town should mean snow up in the mountains.

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