Living with the disquieting feeling that wherever or whoever you are there’s always somewhere or someone better, is part of the human state.

“FOMO,” Daughts calls it… Fear of Missing Out.

Those afflicted second guess their decisions,

Always looking around for something better…


gazing at the greener grass just beyond their reach.

Wondering if just sitting quietly with a fellow traveller is good enough or should something be said?


Imagining that other lives are more fulfilling than theirs.

Stressing over never looking good enough.

Stealing dreams beyond the mist,






believing happiness exists in someone else’s world but never theirs.

Longing to be anywhere but where they are today.


Daughts may call it FOMO.

I call it Rathering and catch myself at it often…

I’d rather be:

in that small plane making white streaks in the sky than looking up at it slowly soaring,

with my children chatting than sitting in a classroom with someone else’s,

writing my blog than having to do the laundry…again!

my London friend enjoying the city life than just watching cows and admiring the fields of my rural life,


my lazy cat napping than watering my garden and plagued by chiggers,

reading a new book than preparing for my weekly radio show.

In fact, there are times I’d rather be anyone doing anything other than what I’m doing now,

counting others’ blessings rather than my own.

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