Re-Cycling & Marriage…

The re-cycling in my neck of the woods has become next to impossible…we have reports that the same trash truck picks up trash one day and items for re-cycle the next and they both end up at the same dump.

Not good.

Some recycling centers have closed because trash was also being deposited in the cans causing it to be cost prohibitive to separate the two.

Add to that the fact that unless the cans and bottles are cleaned to a particular standard most of our careful sorting just gets unceremoniously tossed aside…into the rubbish pile.

Re-cycling is not as easy as it sounds.

In typical McNeny fashion Hubs and I do our own form of home-recycling:

We use grocery bags as rubbish bin liners.

Broken down cardboard boxes as oil catchers under our truck and tractor,

for insulation in the barn and

liners inside our car boot when we carry gas and diesel cans.

Empty yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese and margarine containers become our to-go tubs for left overs instead of zip-lock baggies and a handy place to store doggie bones for my walk.


Expired toothbrushes are brilliant for cleaning those hard to reach places like the corners of the shower door frames, around faucets and tile grout.

Old dish brushes scrub out the litter boxes admirably.

I even cut buttons off tired and worn shirts, jackets and coats because my Grandmother did.

I loved sorting them as a child…


Note the re-used Avon jar – too good to throw out!

And I always keep and re-use gift bags that seem to be the go-to wrapping paper these days.

Furthermore, as I commented to Hubs during my thoughts on re-cycling,

“We usually buy a used car,” he nodded in agreement, “that’s re-cycling,

“And I enjoy shopping at thrift stores where other people’s used clothes are re-cycled…”

He looked at me with an approving nod and said,

“I was married before…”

I furrowed my brow wondering where this line of thought was going,

“I guess that makes me a re-cycled husband!”


After 34 years he still makes me laugh!!

Happy Anniversary Darling!



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