Refreshing my Soul…

Sunflowers grow up among the broom weed  turning meadows into misty places dotted with yellow.


They twist and twine around the barbed wire changing fences, that keep the animals in and intruders out, into garlands of sunny yellow, softening even the severest of boundaries.


And while the sun continues to beat down relentlessly on me as I walk in the evenings and the temperatures remain close to 100 degrees I look across the grasslands and see God at work in nature.


These beautiful flowers remind me of this verse from John 4:14,

“…those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life.”

They are not wilting despite the lack of rain…

In fact they look as though they have been imbibing from a bubbling spring of water welling up inside them and I ask myself,

“How do they look so fresh in this relentless heat day after day?”

More questions pop into my head,

“Do I present myself to the world in a way that has folk wondering what keeps me quenched?

“Can I stand up for Christ without becoming listless under public opinion?

“How can I sway in my field, like these sunflowers, and bring refreshment to the heaviest of hearts?”

A babble starts deep in my throat until a soft “Alleluia” escapes.

I know the answer and it is Good News.

I wave to the droopy cows lying under the shade trees, their swishing tails a silent chorus to my whispered prayer.

I carry a few of the blooms home to Footlights to enjoy them in the cool of my dining room.


Their delicate presence reminds me that God is with me even on my driest, most fragile of days…only sometimes I forget!

I accept again Christ’s gift of redemption and the Holy Spirit wells up inside me like a fount of living water drenching me, once more, with the promise of eternal life.

I look at the yellow flowers in my vase and laugh.

This is Good News indeed!

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