Responsible Rooster…

Rooster is my buddy.  He barks when he sees me and comes dashing across the barnyard to give me kisses and hugs and receive milk-bones and  the occasional raw-hide chew.

For a few weeks he has been very busy with the triplets, Honey Bee, Drone I and Drone II, not his offspring I hasten to point out, but his pasture-mates the goats’.

When they were finally released from the nursery he came bounding out to me with the little family hard on his heels.  Rooster3

‘Look what I have!’ his exuberance exclaimed as he threw himself at the fence for many needed rubs, scratches and treats.


As I scanned the pasture behind him I saw four black-faced sheep meandering, heads buried in the grass.

His flocks and herds were growing and with it more responsibility, which he doesn’t seem to mind!

The billy goat, tired of Rooster’s much deserved attention, left his little family and made a bee-line for me…

“Look how handsome I am!” His posture said, head-butting the fence.


Won over I offered him a biscuit too!

Living at Footlights and pestered by my children to take on a cow or two I nodded to myself and thought, this is absolutely THE ONLY way to have livestock…and dogs!

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