Retired or on Another Course?..

At our porch christening we were all sitting around trying to synchronize our calendars to help at Caudalie Crest  Winery & Farm during their busy harvest and crush season,

“We’re the busiest group of retirees I’ve ever met…” someone said.

Not me…I’m not retired I’m just on another course.

I’ve gone from student life in London to self employed in Guernsey,


From powerboat racing in the channel to teaching windsurfing in Spain,


From Southern Andalusia to marrying a Texan stateside,


From Corporate America to homeschooling my offspring,



From role modeling 24/7 to re-inventing myself.

Nothing retiring about me!

“We’re the Rigsby Lane Revellers!”  I said.

“I can live with that,” someone else said.

And we returned to studying our calendars.

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