Riding my Bike…

I enjoy taking my bike out for a ride.

Apart from being chased by a black and white dog with balls…


I don’t have a picture, you’ll just have to imagine me pedaling as fast as my sturdy legs will allow in an attempt to escape being wrestled to the gutter and mauled by an angry dog, or at best having my ankles savaged.

Between gutteral shouts of,

“No!” issued so fiercely, at the barking apparition beside me, that I almost lose my balance,

and superwoman bursts of alacrity that have me flying over the ruts and rocks of a country sidewalk risking face and limb to be rid of a vicious dog hell bent on protecting his property…

I’ve decided, while it may add excitement to my quiet existence, it’s not worth venturing into his territory any more!

I’ve decided it’s safer to stay closer to home.

I pass a berry bush that flashes red,


and I later harvest the wild cherries to brighten up our evening salad,


I wave to my Brahmans,


shouting, “Good evening my lovelies,” their heads turning to follow me as I cycle past.

I catch sight of the chicken coop at the farm where I buy my chicken and duck eggs,


and look at the floating weed, hygrophila I am told, that comes and goes along the canal adding to the lushness of green all around and giving the impression this yacht is gliding in a meadow.


Flowering fern covers the ground around a palm tree so soft and delicate it almost looks like a fairy carpet,


and my favorite mushrooms linked in a heart-to-heart embrace,


or spread out as beacons marking the way,


or hiding in the ground cover,


remind me of England.

An anole large and gallant proclaims the fence as his,


as he surveys the cows grazing in his field,


and one in particular poses for me.Cow

I spy birds of paradise fiery and untamed in a tangle of undergrowth,


And glory at the outdoors that delights my soul,

And a husband who is forever young at heart!


I enjoy my bike rides!


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Larry Cheek

2014-08-17 21:02:37 Reply

I do enjoy things from your perspective and I am glad you and the hubs have a good experience in the house on stilts. I am sorry that I may never see you again, but it has certainly been my pleasure to meet you two.


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