Rigsby Lane Bridging the Gap Continued…

Just two weeks after our pass-over-the-creek was finished extra rock started being positioned along the run up to the  overpass to divert rain and save the new road (and our money) from being washed away into the gorge below.


Things began to look really fancy;

there were what resembled parking spaces and lay-bys

inviting us to pull off the lane and rest awhile before completing the final leg of our journey home.

All we needed was a picnic table and a grill and a sign that read,

Scenic View

to persuade us we were somewhere special.



Somewhere worth a pause.


Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, (English folk song dating as far back as 1787)

Charlie and I were heading out for our walk.

I saw a line of trucks and knew, the long awaited for guard rails,

were about to be installed.


Trucks lined up

The men were gathered in the pre-dawn coolth surveying the covered culvert and waiting for their foreman.

When I returned an hour later I saw metal poles being swung off the back of a trailer.


Unloading pipes

They matched my pole fence so already I felt co-ordination a-brewing.

By day’s end the guard rails were dug and cemented in, six feet under, or so we were promised.


I nipped down below to see how they looked from beneath, hopefully they’ll be sturdy enough to save a truck or a car from toppling over the edge.


Our brand new, dirt covered, gap bridging, culvert could now officially be called A Bridge!

No-one visiting us would miss it and I could quite rightly include it in the directions to Footlights,

“…continue on down a hill, across a bridge and we’re the first gate on the right…”

Charlie and I stood awhile to admire our new engineered physical feature


blending very well with my property fence line.

Low and behold a week later the guard rail had been painted,

and reflectors attached.


Bright yellow to match our front door!

The best part part is that now the yellow matches our front door!

A case of co-ordination brewing very well!

They cast a bright and sunny light along the way to Upper Rigsby Lane.

Now all we need are the picnic table, grill and Scenic View sign and the gap will have been well and truly bridged.

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