Rubber Bands…

I enjoy having rubber bands.  Nothing fancy just plain sturdy, beige bands that can be used for many things, from keeping my pencil case from spilling its contents, to wrapping around a bag of raisins to keep them fresh.

As a homeschooler I always had a bag in the supplies armoire and I found a use for at least a couple every week.

After clearing out the flat last year I discovered when I returned that we didn’t have any rubber bands in the usual places, kitchen drawer or desk cubby.

Daughts very thoughtfully bought me a bag of assorted sizes and colours when she was buying a card at W.H.Smiths.  By that time though I had discovered my own source.

As I walked each day I began noticing several bands lying on the pavement asking to be picked up.


After a few days it seemed there were dozens for the taking at no cost except the risk of my reputation,

“What’s that person picking up?  She must be a crazy!”

Of course no-one takes much notice of what anyone is doing in London, they are all too busy texting, listening to music or talking on their phones.

I decided not to walk past them any more but to retrieve them.


 Hubs said you had to have an eye to spot them…


I gathered my haul together after a week, emptying my bag and my pockets.

In case they were contaminated I plunged them into a bowl of boiling, soapy water and thoroughly washed them.

Here they are reporting for duty.


I have no idea where they come from but they appear to be in good shape.

They are everywhere I go, along high roads and by roads, nooks and crannies crying to be collected!


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