Across the Pond…

Hubs likes to say I have rules!

I prefer my bed tucked in tight, that is rule #328!

I have to put milk in my tea first, rule #258!

I don’t like sweet sauces on my savory food, rule #147!

Of course, after so many years of marriage I know this is a joke, but this week I put in place another ‘rule,’ that had me thinking.

We have a lunch each day from between 1pm and 3pm depending on the work load.

It is a healthy bowl of seasonal fruit freshly cut and a generous helping of Greek yogurt or oatmeal, followed by a shared cafetiere of French pressed coffee and a biscuit or two or three or a bakewell tart.

My thinking came about because of the number of biscuits I eat a week, I reasoned I should cut them out before my midline started to wail about needing larger trousers.

I told hubs that I was going to abstain from my sweet treats on all days except Wednesdays and graciously invited him to join me.

He called it rule #450.

I found no problem breaking my habit and it eventually dawned on me…

By designating a day for a biscuit it saves me from having an internal battle with myself every lunchtime about whether to have a jam tart, to round the meal off, or not.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I can’t…Wednesdays…I can!

No more bickering.

And they’re not rules really, just pre-considered decisions made years, or minutes, ago to ease my crazy life and allow me more time to internally debate greater choices laid before me like:

What am I going to take across the pond with me at the end of October, six boxes of ‘I don’t think I can live withouts’ or no boxes of replaceable items not worth the cost of shipping?

Six or none?  Six or none?

I need a rule!


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