Shads and the Gift…

I hate to say say this but Shads, our Russian Blue, is our resident thief.

He’ll take my plastic flatware wrapped for school, letters, snack bags with bits and pieces in them, defrosting salmon, plastic flowers, and most recently my cute little gnome…


and hide them so I drive myself completely bonkers looking everywhere for something simple like a pack of fairy lights that I swear I just left…

…well that’s where I thought I’d left them!

The older he gets the better his sleight of paw!

This time of the year is especially tantalizing for him.

He loves those little parcels I bring home from my parties.

He’ll go straight for them especially when there’s a bell involved!


And whole heartedly claim the little present and carry it off, quick as a flash, to his little hiding place,


under the sofa!

Now I know where he stashes his hoard, like a mischievous magpie, it’s the first place I look when keys go missing.

Welcome back sanity!

I really did think for a moment there that my memory was deserting me.

That darn cat!


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