Shads Says it All….

This year we didn’t see Twinkletoes at Christmas.

She’d promised to come for a few days,

I’d moved furniture around in her room, put new sheets and duvet cover on her bed, even added an electric blanket.

I’d planned special meals and gift making sessions and was running  around clearing my calendar as best I could so we could walk, play cards, shop and be together as much as possible.

Things I’d do for any expected visitor; a manifestation of my excitement!

It had been well over a year since she’d stayed and I was missing her.

Then at the last minute,

“I’ve something to tell you Mum,” I waited on the other end of the line. “I’m not coming.”

Sometimes we inadvertently break hearts.

Although I understood, something deep within my primeval soul grieved and cast an unwelcome shadow over the evening.

I turned to God and surrendered the things I could not change.

And after a good night’s sleep awoke to find His peace surging through me and started a new day without the promise of seeing my oldest daughter.

After Christmas there’s a small gathering of parcels on the dresser in my office,


Cats keeping watch on the whiteness of the bed,


and Shads, the thief, rummaging.

Bringing me a package each day.

His body language saying,

“I know this is for someone special…” as he slides into the kitchen, stolen bag hanging loosely from his jaws.


“…so I’m bringing it to you,” he drops it at my feet and looks up at me,


“Open it.”

Shads says it all!

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2019-01-14 17:26:29 Reply

Sad but so very recognisable across time and cultures – sorry

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