Shads; Star Fetcher…

Shads is our Star Fetcher…he’ll chase toy mice and little fluffy balls and bring them back just like a dog.

I didn’t say that!

This year we have a lot of large grass-hoppers in the flower beds, they hop on the screen and drive the cats crazy…

But I think Shads, Madge and Callie now know what they can and can’t get to from inside the porches and for the most part they leave the critters dangling from the screen outside to hang in peace.

But then one came in with the laundry.

Yes, I hang my washing up and a grasshopper bagged a ride into the air-conditioned house in the fitted sheet…I’m guessing.

Suddenly Callie, the hunter, was chasing something across the bedroom carpet.

Not a wasp or a scorpion or a mouse…it turned out to be one of the large grasshoppers.

She may have been the first to see it but it was Shads who caught it in his mouth and then had no idea what to do with it…


He looked around worried Madge might want a bit of the action;

If he put it down he ran the risk of losing it so he walked around for a bit.

It must have felt odd having a real live thing in his mouth instead of just a fluffy ball or a toy mouse

I could see its legs moving restlessly and they must have been tickling Shads’ nose.

I half expected him to sneeze and drop his luscious prize but he had a firm grip.

He tried moving it with his paw,


to get the tickling legs away from his nose but finally its struggles prevailed and the grasshopper escaped the jaws of his predator.

Hubs walked into the bedroom to help me fold,

“Ooops, a grasshopper,” he said and swept it up in a tissue to carry it outside.

“Aww, you took their toy away,” I said indicating the cats all sitting expectantly hoping it would re-appear from under the bed.

I found two legs on the carpet, which didn’t bode well for the hopper,

and…Shad’s washing out his mouth at the kitchen sink…


He may be a Star Fetcher but he’s also pretty silly!

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