Shads’ Tricks…

My Russian blue, named Shadow, has an endearing habit which I know I should discourage but he is so adorable I just can’t.

When I’m eating dinner he hops up next to me on the bench and gently pats my arm,

“Here I am!” he seems to say, “Mind if I join you?”


I ignore him of course so he edges his head under my arm and looks longingly at whatever I have on my plate, or in my hand,


“I’ll be extra polite…you won’t even notice me!”

He fixes my rib with his eyes willing it to come over and pop into his mouth!

He’s begging of course but when I sneak him a tiny morsel, behind his back onto the bench, he more often than not sniffs then ignores it…such a cat!

When I push him onto the floor he rebounds, like a toy on a spring and Hubs gently knocks him to the ground with a sharp,


Last night he ended up on the bench just staring,


those sad eyes and downturned mouth undo me every time!

But I steel myself and bat him off the bench.

With a cat-like step and a low-bellied slink he settles himself on a magazine at the far end of the table,


He neatly folds himself and locks eyes with me,

“Not technically on the table,” his smirk seems to say.

He has an ulterior motive…after dinner I store leftovers…

“Oh please, just one, tiny morsel!”


Luckily cats don’t drool!

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