Sharing Office Space…

For some reason my desk is a favourite lounging spot for two of my cats;

Madge loves to stretch his full length along the top shelf, knocking things off or scooting them over to make room for his 16lb bulk.


He drapes himself nonchalantly luring me back to my chair, laptop in hand, so he can settle in for his morning nap, keeping an eye on me through heavy lids.

He’s a very cuddly cat if you manage to dodge his claws; warm around the back of my neck while watching another season on Amazon Prime and soft to sleep next to at night.

Callie prefers to wrap her body around or over anything that is in my desk.  She lies all over my notebooks and pens, a mouse, a phone, a check to cash, my keyboard!

The uneven surface clauses her to toss and turn disturbing me while I’m trying to write.

Except this time she made sure I wasn’t going to be writing anything during her morning nap,


Sprawled across my keyboard, she won the race to the MacBook.

I didn’t have the heart to move her out of the way, instead I retreated to the bed to read and watched as she pulled up all sorts of things with her flexing paws, and filled the page with exclamation marks or random, isolated letters causing my Pro to make all kinds of staccato noises…

Loud enough to rouse her from her slumber and look over at me with her bedroom eyes,


“Wait, what?  Did I just fall asleep,” she says with a look as I pull out my chair.

“Come back later, I’m not finished yet.”

Cats rule the house!

I retreated to my bed for another chapter.

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