Sip and See…


I went to a Sip and See a few weekends ago.

I was invited to drop in for a snack, a glass of wine and a coo over my friend’s grand baby between 2pm and 5pm.

Which is rather ingenious as it gives guests a window of time in which to show up during the afternoon.  The continual ebb and flow of people ensures the conversation doesn’t flag and the mix stays interesting.

The baby on show, known as Plum in utero (and ever after as far as I’m concerned!), happily smiled and gurgled and sat in laps.

Mother and Zsa-Zsa were equally doting as the beguiling four month old broke down all barriers thus beginning the delicate process of softening family dynamics.

Suddenly Mum is the expert again, the rock, the calming influence, the savior, the trusted babysitter.

So far I have no first hand experience of the transformative power an infant may have on my four offspring


Vivienne a lifetime ago! Charming.

but I am really looking forward to it!

Perhaps I’ll see that knowing look in their eyes as they peer at me over their slumbering infant,

That surge of pride as they watch their toddler doing what he does best,

That glazed over stare as they stand their ground against a full blown tantrum.

That look of relief as they drop her off at the ranch and rush off for a long overdue date night.

Perhaps I’ll hear those words of admiration when my child-rearing methods work,

Or that longed for affirmation, worth a lifetime’s wait,

“You were right Mum!”

Suddenly, instead of being at odds, we’ll be in it together!



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