Small Town Parade…

We’ve been in Weston for two years and were invited to participate in the small town parade attended by a good deal of the 500 or so population, some of whom have been coming for decades, with their grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren…and so it goes…down the generations and thus grows a tradition.

It was my first real live parade and nothing like the massive affairs watched on the television with the children between cinnamon rolls and the cutting of brisket at Thanksgiving.

Hubs and I served teasings of rosé from Caudalie Winery on the front stoop of the Farmers’ Market


and had a good view of the parade with the winery coming in first with their Tickled and Seriously Pink theme’d  float launching their new summer wines.


Four wheelers, tractors, lawn mowers, thrumming motorbikes and vintage cars,


joined in with the horses bringing up the rear followed by Weston’s Fire Engine.  It lasted all of ten minutes and the mayor told us newbies not to worry,

“They’ll be coming round for a second time!”


and so they did!

The morning was absolutely delightful, a little slow on the tastings at first but then this is the bible belt and apparently the first time wine has been served at the parade.

“Nobody drinks,” I guessed, thinking Baptists rather than Episcopalians.

“Not in public,” someone quipped buying a couple of bottles of the rosé discretely tucked into grape embellished paper bags.

“That was so much fun,” said Daughts and her husband posing for a formal ‘country bumpkins in town’ picture,


Just kidding!


It was a throughly old fashioned, family morning to put us in the mood for a cookout with the neighbors later on.

Good food, good company and new wine.

What else could we ask for on 4th?


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