Social Distancing…

Our cats appear to be oblivious to social distancing…


but then they do live in the same house, and haven’t been near anyone who’s tested positive,

they wash their paws thoroughly,

and sneeze into their elbows (I made that part up)

and the only other animals who visited were wearing masks…

or a very fancy harness that the pup thought counted!


They are quite contented being clueless as to the state of the world beyond Footlights.

As long as food arrives in their bowls regularly,

their beds are warm and cosy

and they have places to sit and enjoy the outdoors they’re socially anything they want to be.

However, as we all know, cats are contrary and unpredictable,

they’ll surprise you when you’re least expecting it.

The other evening Hubs and I were enjoying our Guinness’s and listening to some blasts from the past, Blind Faith I think it was,

and we caught them sitting at opposite ends of the refectory table,


Very obviously taking note of all the social distancing conversations we’d been having lately!

Perhaps at some subconscious level they know…

Those darn cats, a laugh a minute!

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