Somewhere Quiet…

I used to have a closet in our old house, upstairs, where I would go and sit and say my morning prayers in the winter.

No-one bothered me, it was too small, just enough room to turn around in.

It was my version of a War Room where I did battle with God about all the things that were going on in a household of small children who were rapidly growing into knowledgeable teens.

I haven’t given it a thought for years.

Until I was making tea and smiling to myself as I watched Callie pace the terra-cotta tile waiting for an opportune moment to leap onto the counter and sit next to the freshly boiled kettle and soak up its warmth.

I took out a couple of tea bags from the cupboard and shooed her away,

“Not on the counter silly!” I said, waving my hand at her, “at least, not while I’m looking!”

I shut the cabinet door, made my tea and took it outside.  

When I returned Magic was on the counter nudging at the door,


“Not you too,” I said as I put my tray down and joined him to watch the cupboard as it opened slightly;

He’d been alerted to something.

He stood on his hind legs to get a closer look and then used his paw to pry at the cabinet.

These cats of ours are curious, super snoopers, nothing much gets past them!

We both saw the door pop open again then just as quickly close as if on a spring.

It opened a little further and this time Magic was ready with his nose to give it a nudge.

Out jumped Shads into the waiting mews of his brother!


I hadn’t even noticed him milling around while I was preparing tea with Callie!

I looked inside the cupboard,

“Not enough room in here to swing a cat,” I observed to Shads, “just like my old prayer closet.”

Gosh, I hadn’t thought about that in years!

Shads was  rubbing his head on my legs wanting attention after his brief detainment.

And I remembered that although I relished the solitary moments in my small, upstairs space, I also looked forward to joining my family for breakfast when I’d finished talking to God.

“Morning Mum.  Did you have any dreams?”  they’d ask in unison as I made my way down the stairs.  And so our day would begin!

Happy times!

Thanks for the memory silly, snoopy, stealth cat, Shads!

Thanks curious Magic too!


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