These are odd times.

Our lives have changed and will probably never be the same again.  A new normal is replacing the old.

At Footlights Hubs and I keep ourselves busy to keep our minds off what we are missing.

Trust me there are no shortages of ‘honey do’s’ around here.

Both Hubs and I contribute to the list, some of it is fun, like choosing and ordering frames and museum grade mounting tape to display the art work we bought from friends while in London (a lifetime ago it seems now) in January!


Other things are more challenging like fixing the ignition on our old farm truck, repairing the rain guttering, cleaning the paintwork, replacing a light here and a breaker there, painting a door.

“With gas so cheap we should be in the car taking road trips,” we sigh.

“Those were the old days!” we remind each other.

“Perfect time to mosey on up to St. Joe’s and sample a few wineries…” whine, whine, wine!

No shows, no films, no water parks, no DisneyWorld, no concerts…no live entertainment.

Just us chickens watching Amazon Prime or Netflix and remembering the time before COVID-19.

“We didn’t know how lucky we were,” we reflect.

“Popping into Starbucks for a coffee whenever we felt like it,” we groan, ever so politely!

We walk around in masks covering the best part of our faces,


Our smiles!

And lipstick?  Why bother when all it does is rub off on the cloth designed to make myself and others feel safer?

I for one am tired of looking tired…the least I can do for my self esteem, and Hubs, is to go a little bit fancy with my lippy- that no-one else can see behind my chicken bandana!

This week, amidst all the introspection, a beam of sunshine visited.


Our Baby Sparrow Family came to spend the day and our house went back to the normal we’d first created thirty some odd years ago.

Her newly acquired frowny face had us captivated,


we squealed and giggled with her as she experimented, scrutinizing our faces with her eyes and fingers, learning the art of mimicking.

Her smile lit up the room,

her arms reached and I whispered sweet nothings in her ear,


And Footlights fell enchanted.


A day seen through the eyes of a 7 month old was all it took to banish thoughts of these odd times.

Sophie Sparrow, reminding us of normal, what a gift.

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So very true!

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