Spring for a Day…

When we were packing up to leave Hideaway Lake it looked as though we were going to have a wet time of it.

The day before our move we had gone to Stations of the Cross at our little church.  Fr. Steven had made all fourteen of the stations


and put in beautiful, antique brass depictions of Christ’s Passion,


to set outside at regular intervals down the 400 metre run to the shrine of The Sacred Heart behind The Holy Family Catholic Church.


There was a black cloud overhead when we started the devotion and we were rained out half way up the hill.  Luckily we were able to resume our prayers inside the sanctuary but not before Father’s precocious poodle  showed his devout religious leanings against one of the uprights,

“Rupert!  Don’t do that!  Aqui viene!” Our priest’s words fell on deaf ears, Rupert may be bilingual but he wasn’t obedient.

For the rest of the evening the sky was a yellowy color as it vacillated between joining the storm raging in the surrounding pastures and an eerie eye of the storm stillness.  It finally passed on the gale-force winds and bucketing rain settling for thunderous applause and lightening displays.

The weather changed for the weekend and on Sunday, after loading our car with our belongings, I took time to take a final walk and spring at the Lake showed off for me.

Tulips, daffodils and an American flag,


were perky in a driveway flowerbed.

Crocuses, looking elegantly orange and white, shone on a carpet of sandy, straw.


A stunning web, spanning several branches, floated like a gossamer cloud in the middle of the piney woods.


A couple of late daffodils begged to have their buttery, brightness included in my spring record.


At last , my favorite caught my eye…

Almond blossom against a startlingly blue sky.


Welcome Spring if only for a day!

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