Sprout Too…

We get an edible magazine.

That doesn’t mean it can be eaten after it’s been read, though that’s a novel idea…

It celebrates food and community in North Texas, season by season.

I get ideas for unusual recipes and where to find great supermarkets and farm to table restaurants.

No fast food here!  Although some of the cold soups this time were pretty quick and simple, made with produce fresh from the garden or straight off a farmer’s market stall!

This month’s cover featured some sort of cast-iron-skillet-peach-cobbler delicious-ness.

It looked totally yummy to Sprout.


She came over to where we were sitting and began licking the cover.

“She thinks that sweet delight looks good enough to eat!” I quipped.

Determinedly (I nearly said with dogged determination!) she finally managed to get it off the table,


and carried it to one of her favorite spots on the tile floor where she laid down,


and began to rip it to pieces!

She kept one paw on it just in case her disdainful audience was tempted to swipe it.

But they’re way too too clever for that!!


“Such a silly dog…doesn’t she know it’s only paper?”

…with edible printed on it though!

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