Sprout Waiting…

The time for Sprout to be collected, after the Mexican resort holiday on the beach, came and went.

Simon, our son, kept us informed,

“I’m just so busy with the new bird and enclosures to build…”

“We’ll keep her until you can come to pick her up,” we told him.

We looked down at her chomping on a pig’s ear,


“They’re busy today,” we said as she wagged her tail.

The days dragged…

She threw some tantrums,

“They don’t want me anymore!”


We walked her down the driveway several times,

played with her,

gave her plenty of brushes to get rid of the burrs,

and loved her.

“You’re such a good girl,” I said rewarding her with a treat just for lying quietly.

All the same she kept her faithful watch on the property,

just in case they showed up unannounced.


“…When did you say they were coming?”


She’s back home now…and the cats can relax.

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2019-07-08 16:59:56 Reply

Just like it happened!

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