Sprout Walks…

Sprout really isn’t much of a walker.

I ended up giving up on her company during my morning walks because I thought dragging her along the lane rather defeated the purpose of walking a dog.

However, this morning as I was taking her for a quick spin around the outside of the house Charlie came charging through the top gates and Sprout was energized.

I let her off her lead and the two of them cavorted to the mail box with me in hot pursuit.


“Aha!” I thought, “if Charlie comes along then maybe Sprout will be more willing…”

So I clipped Sprout back onto her leash and gave it a try.  She was quite the trooper, enjoying the smells along the verges and dirt road and the company of another dog, even though Charlie flaunted her lead-less-ness artlessly.

We crossed the main road and they both got treats although Sprout wasn’t sure about eating snacks while panting and drooling and in the presence of another dog…who may steal it if she dropped it…and I think she let it dissolve in her mouth and swallowed it with a great deal of lip smacking and snorting!

When it came time to turn around I did my customary 2 minute sprint and she trotted alongside me admirably without getting herself tangled in my legs.

They both started flagging as we neared 543 again and had to stop for a breather,


and wait for a couple of neighbors to cross the road and approach…with more treats.  Charlie wolfed them down but Sprout wasn’t keen…eating and breath-catching didn’t appeal to her.

Finally, on the homeward stretch, we were passing the horse farm when Sprout pulled me onto the dew-damp grass and stood her ground…she flatly refused to go a step further and flopped down.  She ignored me and turned her head away in protest.

SproutWalk3The protest only lasted a minute and she got up and managed the rest of the way home with only a couple more lie-downs!

For the rest of the day she was zonked!


But I was proud of her 3 mile trek and she came along with me every morning for the rest of her stay.

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