Early on in March an order was issued that all restaurants, fast food and dine-in,

coffee and sandwich shops,

even wineries and breweries had to close unless they could offer take-out or delivery.

These were considered essential services.

Yep, alcohol is considered a COVID-19 essential.

No dine-in or propping up the bar because of that earlier ban on the gathering of ten or more.

Places scrambled to change their way of doing business if they weren’t already set up as drive-throughs or take-aways.

Despite this I am quite sure the cook-with-wine-at-home surge has increased exponentially.

Since our return from London Hubs and I have been craving a cup of coffee from a coffeehouse barista.

Not that we don’t make a mean French press, we do!


But we’re in need of a good, strong espresso to satisfy our thirst for an authentic, rejuvenating, latte and we don’t have one of those nifty, professional machines at home.

After shopping one day, a few weeks ago now, we went to our neighborhood Starbucks.

We knew we couldn’t stay to drink our coffees but were still surprised by the surreal emptiness of the cafe,

chairs put up on the banquettes,

the foyer empty

and just two employees holding down the espresso machines.


We ordered our lattes- to go- of course

and a couple of warmed up blueberry scones

and took them outside to our car

where we set up a little table on the console and tilted our seats back and enjoyed…


That was the last time for us…

Our local has closed and the closest drive-through is too far away to bother.

Besides, we’re getting used to our oat milk lattes chez nous.

In the afternoons all we have to say to Barista Keurig is,

“I’ll have a double tall, 1 pump vanilla, 1 pump toffee nut soy, extra hot, light foam, latte…..puhleese.”

and it comes right out, black, steaming and strong, ready for us to add anything we want!

Sounds virtually delicious doesn’t it…?

I’m beginning to miss the convenience of this American Life…as it was…boy were we spoiled!


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