Sunrise and Sunset…

Footlights faces due West.

We have two pairs of French doors at the front and the back of the house;

This means I can watch the sun coming up and going down by simply turning 180° in my living room.

I think it would be lovely to hang two pictures,

one of its rising over the back fairway and the other of its setting over the front meadows,

splashing oranges and reds into the surrounding trees that make up the woodlands and wild hedgerows along our property lines.

I know several artists and the easiest way to have one capture my unique views in pastels, water-colours or oils is to take a photograph for reference.

Morning breaking effortlessly above the horizon setting the sky ablaze.


Smoldering behind the trees along the lane,


a fireball erupting and sending flames leaping, 


to streak the early sky


with brilliance over our barn,


Another day!

Evening brings her bold fanfare to alight on a golden canopy,


coyly blushing the cloud with a rosy pink borrowed from the silently sinking sun.


A delightful promise for tomorrow!

The glory of God marks the beginning and ending of my day at Footlights.

All I have to do is stand on my patios and watch the show.

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