Super Hubs…

A great event happened this week that did not involve the weather

My hubs is nothing if not resourceful and he loves electronic devices almost as much as he loves a good piece of wood.  Wood is impossible to cart across seas and continents, I shouldn’t say impossible because my intrepid Texan is amazing in his ingenuity.  But electronic devices are rather portable today and he put into his suitcases, in lieu of shoes and jackets, our Vonage box and our Apple TV,

“Just in case,” he said.

“Yes,” I said, “just in the case!”

There is a wonderful company here called Virgin, it started life as a record shop back in the 70’s and the story goes that Richard Branson and his partner, that’s his business partner btw, named the company Virgin because they were “virgins in business.”

I have always secretly wondered if they had a schoolboy bet going that they could get the word Virgin spoken out loud in public and mixed company, without causing blushes, shushes or fusses!  They succeeded, because the day after we arrived in Merrye Olde only to be told our credit rating was a problem because we had never had debt on these fair shores, we were still on the quest for internet and phone plans.  My Texan  emerged from the train station with this phrase, said louder than intended as is the way when moving from a noisy place to a quiet-er one,

“Now, let’s find a Virgin…”  the word store was understood, or was it?!!

An hour later we had snagged a plan with unlimited calls, texts and data on our iPhones and a future appointment for internet to be installed in our flat.

After the Virgin technician had run his cables, tested his speeds and procured a signature on the dotted line hubs went into action with his toys.

My genius other half plugged our Vonage box into the router and hey presto the American phone number, the one we’ve had for 28 years, rings straight into our unassuming London flat.  Mysterious yet marvellous darling!

Next he ran cables into our Apple TV which can now spit out Netflix and Hulu as if we were snug and cosy in our nest at home!

That was a good day!

Some callers to our old number are confused.  We have recorded a message,

“The McNenys are on GMT.  We’ve been there, done that and are now slumbering soundly in our London beds on the morrow.  Please check back later!”

Gotcha! Unwelcome dinner-time solicitors.

You called?  Friends and family at home.

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