Virgin to the Rescue…

Uprooting our lives, changing schedules, leaving family and friends during blossom time takes a lot of doing.

Blooming Tree in garland

This is the second time we have moved to London in the space of two years.  We are good logisticians, walking through every possible scenario as we mentally sort through and find solutions for possible calamities and traffic calmers in order to transition our lives to dual residency on two continents seamlessly.

We acknowledge that despite our wisdom and care something is bound to go wrong, or not as smoothly as one would have hoped.  We weren’t disappointed.

We arrived in the bright and early morning of a Bank Holiday weekend.

Blue bells were everywhere,


mimicking the Garland Bluebonnets I’d photographed on my last walk.


The weather was lovely and when we had unpacked our bags and jumped in the shower we confidently headed to the nearby town of Bromley to set up our internet service both for our cell phones and for our home computers.

We headed for the company who had served us well the last time we were here and were met with brick wall after brick wall because of an error on their part with billing.  Our credit was declined and we could not get set up with anything but a temporary, dissatisfactory “Pay as You Go” cell phone plan.  Daughts was able to have data added to hers, she wasn’t part of the Billing Error.  By the end of three hours the jet lag was manifesting in an ugly way and words started losing their meaning.

Suffice it to say we were glad to land at The Jolly Woodman that evening, meet some friends and drink a pint.


The following day Virgin came to the rescue.  We were more rested and not quite as befuddled.  We expected credit checks to be run again so asked up front,

“No, not at all,” said the cheerful salesman who was delighted at our inexpertise in the face of technology and thought daughts was a vision from America with her blonde hair, accent and cell phone savvy…which she is of course.

We agreed to give him an hour to get us sorted!

And after exactly an hour we all came away with consecutive phone numbers for our iPhones, unlimited texts, voice and data, all for £15.00 a month!

Furthermore we ordered a full home package to be delivered two weeks later allowing us to use our computers without having to piggy back onto a BT hub somewhere up the street which gave us spotty internet when the whole road decided to test the streaming speeds.

We couldn’t expedite the installation but daughts kept reminding us we had data on our phones, whatever that meant!

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