Taking Advice…

How often do we act on advice given to us by well meaning friends?

How well do we pay attention to warnings issued by family members?

How closely do we heed the guidelines set forth by healthcare professionals?

I for one don’t like being told what I should do…

I’m not very good at listening to things I don’t want to hear…

I like to think I’m in charge of my life,

my thoughts,

and my actions…

As a Christian I try:

to lead a life worthy of my creator,


to think Godly thoughts,

And to act compassionately towards others.

But I don’t always feel like listening with the ear of my heart,

because sometimes, to be honest, people get in the way,


and make things difficult!  Even though God may be trying to talk to me through them…

The Good News is God is merciful and loves me passionately and sent His son to take my place in line so I don’t miss the salvation train while I’m off doing my own thing.


I have a second or millionth chance to start all over again…

And God is there to help for the second or millionth time…

He completely understands my nature and doesn’t bear a grudge against unfaithful me.

I am so glad I’m not God, I don’t have the grace to set resentment aside.

In the human world there’s a good friend who is a brilliant psychologist,

She sits and listens to women’s problems ALL DAY LONG!

Bless her heart.

Daughts thinks that would be a great job for her,


“I love listening to my friends’ problems…imagine being paid for it?”  She says earnestly.

But then my psychologist friend complains that no-one listens to her,

“They come back week after week without making one, tiny change to the path they’re on…it drives me nuts and I think I am wasting my time as I listen to the same grumblings week after week after week…


“That’s why I teach Yoga on the side, at least I can see some improvements in my students.”

Visions of God the Yogi flash before me.

Daughts laughs when I relay this truth to her,

“Yes, I’ve noticed no-one acts on my suggestions either…but I do say some pretty sensible things…perhaps I should start taking my own words of wisdom to heart!”

Life requires a lot of personal work if changes are to take place and most of the time, as my mother used to say,

“Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t…”

As an excuse to keep the waters calm and not rock the boat.

No, I wouldn’t want to be a psychologist either.

I’d rather be a friend with a box of tissues and a bottle of wine any day.

Or a surgeon!

At least I’d be able to physically do something for my patient, something they couldn’t do for themselves.

Which has somehow brought me back to God and His son…

Stepping in to save me

(and everyone)

When I couldn’t save myself.

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