Ten Things I Learned from my Young Son…

One of my film-maker son’s cards last year, sent in November, had a thankful note to it.


He wrote:

“This month I’ve come to appreciate the things I’ve inherited from you (and Dad) but you in particular because this is your card.

“I learned how to write from you and I really can appreciate my time with my thoughts too.

“A lot of my logic (remember that set of books?) and recent level-headedness was what I realized I learned watching you.

“My ability to flip the ‘it just needs to get done’ switch!  All you.

“Those are the big things I’m thankful for this year.”

Lots of internalization going on here.

Lots of Being.

Lots of self-motivation.

As he said,

All me!


In true Mum fashion, never one to pass up the chance to create a list, I sent him a card with some things, not that I’ve inherited from him, that I’ve learned from him:

  1. All newborns do is poop, cry, eat and…sleep, only not at night
  2. Ci-Ci’s Pizza is the best restaurant around (really?  It’s a restaurant?)
  3. Glory-orky-doria is a silly song we made up about Gloria the babysitter
  4. Friday is Cinnamon-roll-day for everyone except it’s not!
  5. Saturday is donut day for everyone…for everyone!
  6. The tune “Sunny days!” is a cue to stand up and dance
  7. Children don’t need coffee to get going in the mornings
  8. M&M’s are the best for potty training and popcorn
  9. Getting your priorities straight means smoothing the bedsheets (!??)                                                ….but…one thing’s always eluded me.
  10. What’s a Mer-Say-Dees? 

No-one knows!!


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