The Big Picture…

I look across a field and see cows speckling the landscape and marvel at distance and space,


I know how large a cow is and for them to look about as big as my thumb they must be a long way away although they really do look  close!

As I cross over our main road I notice a tractor off in the distance.  I cannot hear it but I glimpse the sun glinting off the windshield and dust billowing from the back.


The bailer has covered the field with neatly rolled hay that I think would suit my land.

I stand awhile and soak up the pastoral scene.


And catch the sun sinking behind the trees.  The landscape goes from green to pink to orange and pastel blue;


The sky shimmers with gold and silver outlining the horizon in black.


At night I sometimes track lightning as it flashes in two even three directions across the sky or racing to the earth with a crack that makes my heart quicken.

After the storm a field of flowers surprises me, the sun is still hot yet they shine bright yellow looking fresh and delicate among the thistles and daisies,


Short lived this late in the season, a final kiss from heaven before the autumn cool.

I catch an unwelcome scorpion on the back screened in porch,


and a familiar cardinal through my office window at the water bowl.


Small details,

That make up the big picture

Of God’s creation,

Singing its song that praises Him and magnifies Him forever. (Canticle BCP 46)

We could learn a lot from the beauty and power of nature…

How to simply be in His presence and by so doing to highly exalt Him forever.

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