The Graceful Hay Fluffer…

I love farm machinery.

At our last garden club meeting – held at Myer’s Park & Event Centre, a beautiful 158 acre piece of property with research gardens; also the stomping ground of Collin County’s Master Gardeners – we were walking through the beds, paying attention to the elaborate stone and metalwork of the walkways, the herbs and vegetables and the shade gardens while listening to our guide and snapping photos of the plants,

except I was snapping photos of the old farm equipment.


I just love it.

Along Rigsby Lane this summer I had the pleasure of the company of a particularly beguiling tractor accessory,

The Fluffer.


Grass had been cut in the 20 acre pasture and was drying out between showers so it could be baled.

Before the baler could get to work, the fluffer had to be employed to gather the cuttings into row, upon row of grassy ripples.

Each morning as I passed the barn on my way back from my walk I’d catch the fluffer, as if for the first time, patiently waiting.

Out of the corner of my eye it resembled a graceful array of ladies’ parasols,

held aloft, absolutely motionless, as if waiting for the first note to lead them into an elaborate tea dance at a Royal Garden Party.



I’d smile every time!

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