The Late Night Train…


Daughts used to catch the 1025pm from Victoria every evening after work and tell us tales of drunks scarfing Big Macs and sleeping through their stops.

Hubs and I caught the late train the night of Deep Purple and weren’t treated to such delights but I did watch a woman in her thirties I think, read her Evening Standard with a furrowed brow and the most worried look I have ever seen on a person’s face.

“She is going to have some dreadful worry wrinkles when she gets older, ” I leaned in to hubs and whispered.

“She looks as if she’s about to burst into tears,”  he said.

She got on the phone after finishing the paper, I only heard her side of the conversation,

“Sweetie?  it’s me, did I wake you?  I’m on the train, I’ll be in soon.  You weren’t asleep?  You sound as if you were asleep.  You will let me in won’t you?  I’ll be there in half an hour, you’ll still be awake?  Only I don’t have my keys.  I don’t know where they are.  They have the back door keys with them too.  We have to find them sweetie.  So you will be able to let me in?  I’m really nervous now…  I’m going to stop and get a hamburger on the way home, do you want anything?  No?  I have to stop and I’ll get you something, are you sure?  And you will still be awake to let me in won’t you sweetie?”

At this point hubs and I decided she had had a few drinks.

“Listen, I’ve had an idea, tomorrow night after work, I’ll come straight home and we’ll go to The Bridge for dinner.”

Hubs leaned in to whisper, “Instead of stopping at the pub on the way!”

“I’ll check my bank account first, but the rent should be in there and if I have the money I’ll take you out.  How does that sound?  Nothing expensive we’ll share a meal.  You want to go to Crystal Place?  I’ll have to see how I feel, what sort of a day I’ve had, and you know my days, some are good some are bad.  Today was a bad day,”

“That’s why she needed the bolster of a few….” said hubs!

“so we’ll wait until tomorrow to see how my day went and then decide where to go.  Nothing expensive.  No, I know, we’re supposed to be staying in, but I thought that would be nice for a change.  I’ll be home in about half an hour, are you sure you don’t want me to bring you anything only I have to have something to eat.  Stay awake to let me in all right sweetie.  I’m really worried about not having my keys, you will let me in won’t you?  See you soon.  Byee.”

She got off at the next stop leaving us wondering if she was going to gain access to her house!





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